Digital Marketing will always be a side show to a relationship.

I can’t blog about digital marketing forever

I started this blog to try and become one of those experts who posts on twitter or something and gets 10,000 new followers instantly, I wanted to be credible. I did want to help people too, but that’s besides the point.  I have had to change my perceptions of digital marketing, social networking lately, because its just the tip of the iceberg.

Thoughts have changed, opinions have changed, everything is about to change.

Anybody can find advice and guides on digital marketing, I’ve demonstrated that here, we also see a lot of shit content, and a lot more websites popping up.  These websites will never get updated, twitter accounts will pop up, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and all the new initiatives that get created.

Where is my strategy?

All those people who don’t have websites/social networking… What they going to do? Get a website, update it once.  They will pay an agency through the nose, have static website that doesn’t evolve,  they might blog once or twice and call it content marketing, but none of this is ever going to be as proactive as talking to people. This is real issue for small business, especially those within ageing industries.  I’ve learned from B2B marketing, that digital marketing will always be a side show to an actual relationship with a customer, or person. Especially when sales are involved.  Digital Marketing is sticking around, but it has to change.

Why the future will make you unique.

Coding will soon be taught in schools, social networking is part of life for a lot of people, they can do this as part of a job role pretty easily, with very little help.  Digital Marketing will be embedded into everybody at some point, it won’t really be a skill.  What will make you stand out in the end is imaginative, thought provoking campaigns with well written copy, engaging copy and being unique.

This isn’t an obituary for digital marketing,  but things are going to have to be different, because there is glut of digital marketing “content” out there. The future will see you being innovative and providing value to your customers. You can’t just turn up, you’ve got to be in it to win it.

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