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Is technology making our children worse off?

I was on holiday a month ago, in one of those all inclusive places. With an all you can eat restaurant. There was family there, all of them including the toddler, were playing on some kind of device. The dad had an Ipad, the Mum had a Smart phone and the kids were both playing with tablets too. I wasn’t spying honest.

I just remember when I took my mobile phone, as a (14 year old) to the dinner table. Never saw that phone for weeks. Where has that culture gone?

The real question is what does this mean for children? Will there ever be a time when children are born into a world and have no paperbacks, no DVD’s nothing physical?  The rise Youtube, Netfilx, blink box, sky plus to name a few. These have  alll changed the way we watch TV and movies? What’s a DVD?

The way we shop for music has changed too. I don’t think there is a CD player in my house. There is a DAB radio, tablets, MP3 players, and Ipods. How long before kids ask “What’s a radio?” Kids will be downloading songs, rather than saving money and buying the single. To me this is sad.

Everything is instant. You can get your questions answered with social media. What’s a call centre?

All kids in schools have laptops, they teach web design, they teach adobe suite, they teach photography, digital marketing is going to be in the DNA of kids in the future. That’s for sure.

What part does technology play in schools though? some of them provide tablets, there is more tech, less paper, that’s a good thing, but will it be the end of the paper & pen? I think we will see that day pretty soon.

Video conferencing instead of face to face interviews, multiple choice exams on an tablet instead of written ones – all changes to come. Sooner or later data will be used to track attendance, mark homework, be more in control of of kids patterns of behaviour, that would be good, rather than traditional paper based systems…but will this be at the expense of hand writing?

Fact of the matter is the world has changed, even in the last 10 years, the things that were important then are not now, because technology does the work for you, which means teachers don’t have to work so hard (sad but true.) It will be down to parents to instil traditional values in kids as technology in teaching takes over.

Question is, not when will it start, but when will it stop?

Google Analytics Can Only Get You So Far

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Every business owner or internet marketer must have an idea of what analytics are and how they can help his or her business. This is the facet where all marketing efforts are assessed and decisions to modify strategies are made. It is the cornerstone of all SEO endeavours, and therefore, is something your business website should never do without.

Fortunately for many online businesses, Google Analytics offers a free way to obtain detailed statistics about their website’s marketing reach. This service allows you to determine how effective your marketing is in converting visitors to customers. It provides pages that show how frequently your market visits your website and the duration of their stay.

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Content Marketing – One Hit Wonder!

Unlikely Contender

A few years ago I remember being shown a bunch of video’s from Tipp ex. Yes the correction fluid that stinks.

It was a viral video called A hunter shoots a bear.”  Basically you it would lead you too a certain point in a story and you would get to finish the story on your own, it was one of the best pieces of content marketing I’ve seen, and was really ahead of it’s time.

It’s had over 46 million views, and I would go as far as saying it was ground breaking. I can’t find the original but luckily somebody screenshot the footage here:


This is what it achieved:

  • Sales in 2011 versus 2010 : +35%.
  • In 100 days:The Tipp-ex YouTube channel saw well over +35.5 million views.
  • Average brand exposure for Tipp Ex in that 100 day period was 5 minutes.
  • The tipp experience was viewed in 217 countries.
  • Tweets: 220,000.likes and comments on Facebook: +1 million.
  • Coverage in over 60,000 online articles..

I’m on a quest to find better content marketing examples than this, so if you see any, submit them on my contact page!