What is the point of Facebook?

I get frustrated sometimes just like everybody else with lack of followers or traffic, whatever.  So I type “What is the point of Facebook?” into Google.  The first two post are of sceptical bloggers. How is that going to help? Sometimes Google should really do something about negativity in the algorithm.

The first one from the confidence cafe lady having a rant in 2011. Then from the skinny artist one, who, I’ll add, sounds like a lot of people when they first approach social networking as a marketer. Welcome to our world.  The latter has loads of Facebook fans by the way. Wonder what they think now?

Anyway, the point of Facebook?

What’s the point in anything, why have I got a blog? Why are you reading this post?

Depends where you are coming from, if you’ve been to university, moved countries and been around a while and gathered a lot of contacts then it’s a great tool for keeping up to date with all these people personally.   Sure there are other ways to connect and if you really wanted to stay in touch you would. But nobody wants people to know you are not really that interested. Do they? that’s why we follow people.

Obviously I don’t need to list all the features of Facebook on here, do I?  But from that point of view, if you don’t like  baby posts, weddings, marathons (showing my age here) or what I had for dinner posts then switch it off.

Marketing with Facebook.

From a marketing point of view, you can send your offer or promotion to all your followers, all in one place, and just because your audience is small doesn’t mean your offering isn’t being seen by other people. I previously wrote about social networking anxiety in it’s not you its them.  Besides you can automate social networking a lot of it and take out the pain.

Sure it’s a head ache growing a following, a fan base, having more channels to communicate with. Not to mention frequency, after all, one post to all your followers will never be enough, it’s like firing arrows into the dark. You have to post the same post multiple times for maximum exposure. That’s another story.

Do I have to do Facebook?

No of course you don’t, you don’t have to do any social network if you don’t want to. Find and stick with one that works for you. But if you have a site of content and of value, whether that’s music, art, writing or awesome opinions, people will find it eventually, if they want it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again quit worrying about your credibility on social networks and focus on the primary objective, whatever that was in the first place. Why? because cream always rises to the top.

As for the point of Facebook. I could go on and list loads of features advantages and benefits, but what’s the point? It means different things to different people.

What does it mean to you?

What’s the point of tumblr?

I’d heard of Tumbler a while ago, didn’t really pay much attention, even though I’m a digital marketing professional, I’ve linked m blog to Tumblr and have about 3 followers, but I hadn’t really explored in any real depth until recently. It’s been a while I must admit, as i haven’t updated my theme to match this one which was done some months ago.  Fact of the matter is I cant really see the point.

Dough Aamoth writes about what Tumblr is pretty well so I’m not here to reinvent the wheel.

Then I found this, people like this are gold for what’s the point posts:

And it was probably enough for me to realise that Tumblr isn’t for me! Anyhow, as she says, you don’t talk about Tumblr. but I have started so I will wrap this up quickly.  Tumblr appears to be for children, If It’s where they hiding from their parents who have joined Facebook.  Damn I’ve just blown that girls cover! Anyway that children’s site has over 10 million users, so can’t be all bad, it’s going to help build your SEO and your content marketing, but I ask you to see it for yourself.

PS- Tumblrs own topics tagged “ What’s the point  are comedy gold! I’m out.

What’s the point of Reddit?

The front page of the internet. “Reddit is the last bastion of free speech on the internet” Reddit creator.


In its simplicity, it’s a site where people submit links or articles and these get voted on. Bit like the like on Facebook in a way, but better. These opinions or submissions are meant to represent the majority view, or more likely some jackass.

This video from the creators will show you what their vision is:

If you actually want to know how to use it, or more on the features, I’m not going to write it here but, this article by Matt Silverman, over at Mashable sum it up beautifully.

Anyway, so submit your content, have people vote on it, get enough votes, youll get on the top page. The front page of the internet.

What can you learn from this

As a marketing person you can learn if your content hot or not, You can get inbound traffic to your website, reading others posts you can also find out if you have the same though processes as other people. If your Posts are good and are liked you get Karma points, which is credibility really. For example if you have a load of Karma points and submit some shit content, You might not lose to much credibility. Other than that they don’t do anything.

If your content is bad you will know. If it doesn’t make sense you wont get vote, you will be called on it. Having said that, the idea of Reddit is not to be self promoting, so there won’t be the people who mercilessly submit their own links, it’s not about it’s about building a community. Less than 10% is your own links. If your content is good somebody will share it for you, that’s the point.