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Optimisation v Optimism

SEO and other animals

Over the years, there have been umpteen articles on SEO, Penguins, Spiders, Bigger penguins, panda’s and all sorts of other creatures I’m not going to go on about here.

Does it mean anything? Is it relevant? What if the internet’s down, this all means jack shit.

While it’s true that a well optimised site exposes your business to the masses.  Should so much emphasis be put on meta tags, page titles, keywords alt tagging, XML site maps and a list of all these other search engine related things that a lot of people don’t get. If you are one of these people that doesn’t get it, or are just late to the party, fear not. You should read this SEO in a nutshell post by David Robinson. I’ll also embed this video for those of you that care.

Imagine if there was no internet

Now that you know what SEO is, think about the question.

Imagine the internet goes down for a week, day, month. What do you do then?

Do you have any non digital marketing collateral? No? Now what would you do? Hopefully if you have Youtube videos there are DVD’s, if you have stories, testimonials, case studies or any of the other recommendation any digital agency will tell you to have, you should have these backed up with hard copies.

You should have something else

Yes, SEO is a vital part of the marketing mix, but it’s not the be all and end all, if the internet ceased working tomorrow, you are going to have to start prospecting, direct mail, all the other old school stuff that seems irrelevant now. It’s not irrelevant, it’s just evolved.

I am not saying the net will go out of date, but if you have good content it wont matter what format it is.

Not content marketing..content

SEO has to be part of your game plan, but the content is what matters, I’m not even talking about content marketing, Consider the value it provides. You could have the best optimised shit website in history, but it’s still a shit website.

Follow the rules and trends but make sure it means something to audiences, putting SEO above content is is more optimism than optimisation.

All innovation is plagiarism – Don’t think you’re the first

Whatever content you are about to produce – Its been done before.

That idea you want to blog about has already been done, search for it in Google. It’s there.  Sure you can re-package it, rename it or make into some slides or info-graphics but it’s been done. Even the title of this post is a rip off from somebody else.

The article you want to write about for that SME you work for, it was done last week, there are hundreds of them. Its not new, sure its new to you, and your boss, but its not new. It might have been reproduced from print or other formats but its not new. It’s not exclusive either.

Content Marketing isn’t new.

Content marketing has been around for ages, look at Coca Cola, there whole website is content marketing, stuff they’ve been doing for years. they have whole teams that create for them.

People have been posting testimonials, rubbish videos and case studies for years, it’s all been done before. The technical article you’re thinking about getting published isn’t ground breaking. It will be somewhere, the person who wrote it just wasn’t as good as you. You might not know you are paraphrasing or taking part in plagiarism but you probably are. It doesn’t matter.

Don’t think you’re the first

Don’t make this mistake.  Your not ground breaking, your digitally remastering.  People have tried what you are doing before, years ago when they created a magazine, when they sent out a flyer.  They gave up.  They moved on. To the next thing. Which is what you are doing now.

Keep innovating, use the resources available to you, that’s what content marketing is, keeping a conversation, idea or a concept going.  It doesn’t matter if your customer saw it somewhere else, they’ll see it again next year in new ways, 100 different ways.

Keep the ideas flowing, keep your creative juices going, don’t give up because it’s not an original idea, original ideas can be improved, just make sure they are innovative and create value.

And you’ll be fine.

The Anti List – Content and Blogs

I’ve been doing a little research lately on how to promote your blog.  I imagine that blog submission sites have a seen a boom since the content marketing craze started a couple of years ago.  Just look at the google insights for search on the phrase content marketing:

Content Marketing Graph

Google Insights – Content Marketing


If a blog is the first step in content marketing

Web agencies will tell you a blog is where content marketing and blogging starts.  But how do we get our blog out there? I found this article on the search engine journal about 23 sites you need to submit your blog to. Why do people get sucked in by lists? I looked through the first half of these and concluded that most of these want to charge you. why can’t they just let you submit it for free? There must be ways to get  a blog noticed without paying, sure there is SEO, but come on we can’t do all the work ourselves  can we?

So I searched how to promote your blog for free

What did I find? This post from blogging edge about titled 5 ways to promote your blog for free and oh lordy lord. Leave a business card in the hairdressers? Do me a favour! That’s not going to work for anybody expect a hair dressing blog and all the new bloggers in the comment section. going “Ooooh how lovely, great advice.” Drop me out. To be fair I’m doing most of those, but only because of common sense, still maybe I’ll up the ante on these.

99 ways to promote your blog for free

I found a post with the above title on a search. This was one of those posts you think is going to be useful, to be honest I didn’t have time to read it all. But I am going to try every method on here yep all 99. Its separated into categories which are listed to below. (oooh look this has turned into a list post.

  • Guest Blogging
  • Blog Content
  • Networking
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Freebies
  • Viral
  • WordPress Plug ins

Reading through each of these , I’ve started to giggle. I really wish people wouldn’t stumble this sort of content. But my mantra is still “don’t know it till you’ve tried it.2 So I’m going to give all 99 ago, well actually I’ll give all of the things I’ve mentioned on here ago.  Sort of.  Only the ones that are actually free, and only the ones that are not completely ridiculous.  I’ll create a series of posts about each one or posts about a handful of these techniques. Over the next 2 months we can experiment on what works.  Join the challenge! blog search directory Internet Blog Directory Blogorama - The Blog Directory