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Google Analytics Can Only Get You So Far

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Every business owner or internet marketer must have an idea of what analytics are and how they can help his or her business. This is the facet where all marketing efforts are assessed and decisions to modify strategies are made. It is the cornerstone of all SEO endeavours, and therefore, is something your business website should never do without.

Fortunately for many online businesses, Google Analytics offers a free way to obtain detailed statistics about their website’s marketing reach. This service allows you to determine how effective your marketing is in converting visitors to customers. It provides pages that show how frequently your market visits your website and the duration of their stay.

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YouTube gives everybody a shot at anything.

This could have been a list post. This could have been a post which reeled off a list of uses for you tube, from the time at work when they took the radio away and created a YouTube playlist, to how my parents use it to find out How To’s and how kids all over the world watch music video’s, or how people will just show you something funny on a tea break. There is a use for everybody. I still have a watch later list on my account which I created years ago. It had this music video on there. Each to their own!

Anyway, enough about my (dodgy) music tastes. This post is actually about what YouTube has done for people. Starting with Charlie bit my finger which is the 4th most viewed ever, raking in millions (I’m sure) for a dad who just  uploaded a video of his kids. If you haven’t seen it, you really probably should.

The next one on this list is Sandy Thom, remember in about 2006 she rose to fame with a series of videos promoting her music but 5 albums later, Sandy appears to have disappeared. there are a handful of other artists who have found fame on YouTube you can check them out on this post from Mashable.

I can’t be on social network with out seeing something by Dapper Laughs so he deserves a mention. The former cruise ship worker from Clapham has over 1 million followers and now has his own show which is currently on tour.

There are a million how to guides on YouTube which help people learn how to do their jobs properly, (I’ve used loads of Photoshop and Google videos, to get me through some difficult tasks! Of course, there are some fun ones too such as How to be the perfect women (According to Men.)

All of this, in round about way is “content marketing” which brings me on to the YouTube channel of skittles. Who just post video after video of random skittles related content. none of them are longer than about 30 seconds, but provide entertainment for everyone.

So from YouTube sensations, music replacements. How to guides, to adverts or just posting videos of your pets and kids, YouTube is the nations best way to procrastinate.  Of course there are some bad uses of YouTube, but it really does give anybody a chance to get anything out there for free, well for now anyway!

Calm Your Pulse – That Penalty Isn’t A Death Sentence

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Many people have a mini-meltdown the moment they realize their website has been penalized by Google. After putting so much of your time, effort and money into something, it’s very easy to feel as though the world is shattering beneath your feet. Penalties happen to the most careful, successful

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