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How to schedule a tweet with Hootsuite.

How to schedule a tweet with Hootsuite. With images

For anybody who has never done it before, follow this very concise guide with visuals.

Log in to Obviously, sign in with twitter is the easiest way or it starts to get fiddly after that.

Sign In

Sign in

Sign in with Twitter, click “authorise app” if you are logged in. If not fill out the credentials


Authorise Twitter

If you don’t already have streams then all you will see if the compose new Tweet box, get typing.



If you want to add in a link then type it in the box. Click shrink button, you cant miss it. Your link appears next to your tweet shortened into an Owly.

Shrink a link

Shrink and Link

Click calendar function and either allow Hootsuite to auto schedule for you, set the time and date, I prefer to use the auto scheduler. Or you could hit send now.



See your tweet

See your tweet

See your tweet

There are other tools available for you to do this, but I personally think this is the best one for newbies. The same process can be followed for as many social networks as you have in your streams. I would say Hootsuite is the most user friendly.

Tools for scheduling Tweets


Arguably the most notable and the godfather of social networking apps, Hootsuite allows you to plug in to all of your social networks; Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Foursquare and Word press, and now MIXI Japan’s largest social network. I have only used the free version as that is all I’ve needed. The free version limits you to 3 networks, it allows you to schedule content via an auto scheduling fiction and you can set up streams to view all the activity on each network or certain aspects of it.

There are some useful free reports here too. It’s a pretty awesome tool. The free ones only give you a snapshot which is enough to get you going. What you can’t do is schedule tweets with images.  There is a way round this which I will cover later.

The scheduling is reliable, I’ve scheduled it to tweet for 7 days straight with the auto scheduler.  Do remember with the free version it limits you to about 10 tweets a day. But how many do you really need?

Tweet Deck

Solely for twitter, allows you to set up multiple streams for different aspects of your Twitter account(s) in different columns  for example re tweets, new followers etc.   Allows you to schedule on your own time unlike the free version of Hoot suite which only lets you do the auto scheduling on Hoot suites time.  I tried this for a week, although I’m not sure it worked perfectly, think it may have missed some.   Again you can’t schedule an image tweet but. Not entirely sure if there is any difference between the two if just using for twitter.

As an aside, Tweetdeck wasn’t top of the search results for keywords “tweet deck” so that alone should suggest you shouldn’t use it.

Tweets Queue

Literally just lets you queue tweets, no images or links, so if you wanted to send out some URLS you would have to use bitly or tiny URL and paste them.  Time consuming.

Probably the easiest of the bunch if you know what you want to tweet, also lets you set your time zone in case you want to time them for different followers and allows you to time them at different intervals.  So tweet every 30 mins if you’ve got enough to say!

Later Bro

Have never used this and to my surprise when I tried it wasn’t working at the time, based on the fact it was glitching when I tried it, it’s later bro for later bro.


Easy peasy, doesn’t have the functionality of hoot suite and tweet deck but can be used to schedule text tweets if nothing else. You can view at a glance what you have sent out but it’s very basic. It will work well if you don’t want to include links but are a hashtagger.

To conclude, I don’t really know why we need so much choice with these apps but you can do more with the free versions, and I suppose that will evolve. Anyway I recommend Hoot suite as the most reliable.