Is technology making our children worse off?

I was on holiday a month ago, in one of those all inclusive places. With an all you can eat restaurant. There was family there, all of them including the toddler, were playing on some kind of device. The dad had an Ipad, the Mum had a Smart phone and the kids were both playing with tablets too. I wasn’t spying honest.

I just remember when I took my mobile phone, as a (14 year old) to the dinner table. Never saw that phone for weeks. Where has that culture gone?

The real question is what does this mean for children? Will there ever be a time when children are born into a world and have no paperbacks, no DVD’s nothing physical?  The rise Youtube, Netfilx, blink box, sky plus to name a few. These have  alll changed the way we watch TV and movies? What’s a DVD?

The way we shop for music has changed too. I don’t think there is a CD player in my house. There is a DAB radio, tablets, MP3 players, and Ipods. How long before kids ask “What’s a radio?” Kids will be downloading songs, rather than saving money and buying the single. To me this is sad.

Everything is instant. You can get your questions answered with social media. What’s a call centre?

All kids in schools have laptops, they teach web design, they teach adobe suite, they teach photography, digital marketing is going to be in the DNA of kids in the future. That’s for sure.

What part does technology play in schools though? some of them provide tablets, there is more tech, less paper, that’s a good thing, but will it be the end of the paper & pen? I think we will see that day pretty soon.

Video conferencing instead of face to face interviews, multiple choice exams on an tablet instead of written ones – all changes to come. Sooner or later data will be used to track attendance, mark homework, be more in control of of kids patterns of behaviour, that would be good, rather than traditional paper based systems…but will this be at the expense of hand writing?

Fact of the matter is the world has changed, even in the last 10 years, the things that were important then are not now, because technology does the work for you, which means teachers don’t have to work so hard (sad but true.) It will be down to parents to instil traditional values in kids as technology in teaching takes over.

Question is, not when will it start, but when will it stop?

YouTube gives everybody a shot at anything.

This could have been a list post. This could have been a post which reeled off a list of uses for you tube, from the time at work when they took the radio away and created a YouTube playlist, to how my parents use it to find out How To’s and how kids all over the world watch music video’s, or how people will just show you something funny on a tea break. There is a use for everybody. I still have a watch later list on my account which I created years ago. It had this music video on there. Each to their own!

Anyway, enough about my (dodgy) music tastes. This post is actually about what YouTube has done for people. Starting with Charlie bit my finger which is the 4th most viewed ever, raking in millions (I’m sure) for a dad who just  uploaded a video of his kids. If you haven’t seen it, you really probably should.

The next one on this list is Sandy Thom, remember in about 2006 she rose to fame with a series of videos promoting her music but 5 albums later, Sandy appears to have disappeared. there are a handful of other artists who have found fame on YouTube you can check them out on this post from Mashable.

I can’t be on social network with out seeing something by Dapper Laughs so he deserves a mention. The former cruise ship worker from Clapham has over 1 million followers and now has his own show which is currently on tour.

There are a million how to guides on YouTube which help people learn how to do their jobs properly, (I’ve used loads of Photoshop and Google videos, to get me through some difficult tasks! Of course, there are some fun ones too such as How to be the perfect women (According to Men.)

All of this, in round about way is “content marketing” which brings me on to the YouTube channel of skittles. Who just post video after video of random skittles related content. none of them are longer than about 30 seconds, but provide entertainment for everyone.

So from YouTube sensations, music replacements. How to guides, to adverts or just posting videos of your pets and kids, YouTube is the nations best way to procrastinate.  Of course there are some bad uses of YouTube, but it really does give anybody a chance to get anything out there for free, well for now anyway!

Will Google take over the world?

I typed this into a popular search engine, no prizes for guessing which one… Its a question which has plagued me for a while, I already have Google as my home page on my phone, desktop, laptop and tablet, I have gmail on 2 android phones, Google play  where I store music and books and obviously I have preferred search engine.

Not sure who it is but this blogger wrote about gooogle world domination in 2004, and he was probably on to something, at the time, Google play wasn’t invented, there wasn’t too many android handsets about and I dunno if Chrome was invented or whether they had bought YouTube at that point or had double click, I’m not going to write a list of Google products here but the point is Google has come a long way in the 10 years since the article. Just look at this:

The next article was on where 67% of people think that Google will take over the world, (read some of the comments, for comedy gold.) The 3rd post was viralnova’s google facts which is quite a fun read and many a true word is spoken in jest.

Anyway, the answer to the question depends on your perspective. Given that Google know what you searched for last, who you emailed 3 years ago, what video’s you like watching and porn tastes, and every “curiosity” search you’ve ever done, what you like to read, who your friends are and your music tastes, it probably already has.

Half the the people who work in marketing have had to adapt to Google, and go on courses just to stay relevant. Google is in the dictionary and my Gran even says “Google it” You can’t really escape Google and I don’t know what’s next, they may lose a bit to IOS using Bing as default, but I doubt it makes a difference, because IOS sucks. Also the amount of times my other half as text me to say “have you seen Google today, its funny.”

Like it or not, its part of your life and all in all it ain’t half bad for a bunch of geeks who sit around on bean bags all day. Anyway watching this video will help you make your own mind up.