What is the point of Facebook?

I get frustrated sometimes just like everybody else with lack of followers or traffic, whatever.  So I type “What is the point of Facebook?” into Google.  The first two post are of sceptical bloggers. How is that going to help? Sometimes Google should really do something about negativity in the algorithm.

The first one from the confidence cafe lady having a rant in 2011. Then from the skinny artist one, who, I’ll add, sounds like a lot of people when they first approach social networking as a marketer. Welcome to our world.  The latter has loads of Facebook fans by the way. Wonder what they think now?

Anyway, the point of Facebook?

What’s the point in anything, why have I got a blog? Why are you reading this post?

Depends where you are coming from, if you’ve been to university, moved countries and been around a while and gathered a lot of contacts then it’s a great tool for keeping up to date with all these people personally.   Sure there are other ways to connect and if you really wanted to stay in touch you would. But nobody wants people to know you are not really that interested. Do they? that’s why we follow people.

Obviously I don’t need to list all the features of Facebook on here, do I?  But from that point of view, if you don’t like  baby posts, weddings, marathons (showing my age here) or what I had for dinner posts then switch it off.

Marketing with Facebook.

From a marketing point of view, you can send your offer or promotion to all your followers, all in one place, and just because your audience is small doesn’t mean your offering isn’t being seen by other people. I previously wrote about social networking anxiety in it’s not you its them.  Besides you can automate social networking a lot of it and take out the pain.

Sure it’s a head ache growing a following, a fan base, having more channels to communicate with. Not to mention frequency, after all, one post to all your followers will never be enough, it’s like firing arrows into the dark. You have to post the same post multiple times for maximum exposure. That’s another story.

Do I have to do Facebook?

No of course you don’t, you don’t have to do any social network if you don’t want to. Find and stick with one that works for you. But if you have a site of content and of value, whether that’s music, art, writing or awesome opinions, people will find it eventually, if they want it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again quit worrying about your credibility on social networks and focus on the primary objective, whatever that was in the first place. Why? because cream always rises to the top.

As for the point of Facebook. I could go on and list loads of features advantages and benefits, but what’s the point? It means different things to different people.

What does it mean to you?

Data driven marketing, it’s not big, It’s not new either.

It’s been around a while.

There has been a lot of talk about the rise of data for marketing, but the truth is it’s been around a while. I like to use the example of Amazon, “people who bought this also bought this” things like “related products” and “recommendations for you” in data driven emails. You might have been thinking it’s clever or you might have thought “Cheeky.” Whatever, it’s unstoppable and it’s only going to grow.

A future where you close down your browser and the phone rings

If you are signed on to your Amazon account and are looking at an iPod for example, and you abandon the checkout, what would you do if that seller on Amazon called you? They could offer you 20% less if you buy it now. They have the ability to do that, they know you abandoned them; they have your address and phone number and your email and they have stats on checkout abandonment rates. Is this an intrusion of privacy or helpful service? Whatever. This is the reality.

Data driven marketing, it’s already happening

You may have received a leaflet through the door from SKY or Virgin which has your name and town and maybe door number and street name. It reads like this “XXXXXX open me, for great deals in XXXXXX ” I happen to like these. But I’m a partial data geek.
I also liked it when on my 18th birthday Gillette sent me a razor saying packaged with the slogan ”helping you have a smoother 18th” god that was years ago but it was data driven marketing, I’m still using Gillette 10 years on. Best use of personal data I’ve ever experienced.

Data driven marketing’s has been around a while, but it’s becoming more affordable and it’s staying. Now everyone knows about it, companies will need to use this data to stay in the game, because customers expect more.


Whilst it’s good to have a clean database, Big Data doesn’t mean companies have to go and by SalesForce like 900,000 other small to large businesses around the world, or hire a chief data officer.  It means building relationships. It means listening to customers, It means having a mechanism for using this data for better service and to engage customers.

Just because it exists, doesn’t mean people will get good at it, but using data to solve customer’s problems, putting a customer first without compromise and ultimately giving them what they want. That’s the new value proposition.

Slaves to Technology

What does this say about us?

Is this an advert for a healthy lifestyle or is the advert telling us we’ve become slaves to technology?

When I was younger I wasn’t on ipads, play stations or social networks all the time, all I had was a football and a mountain bike. That was enough for me, smart phones were not invented but towards the end of my teens i did get involved in something called MSN messenger. Then it became Bebo, Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, everyone was into this, I wasn’t. I knew what these were, but I didn’t want to be a slave to tech.

My phone stopped ringing, nobody texted me, I had no social life. I wasn’t in the game anymore because, I stopped believing. When I got a Facebook account, social life came back, I got a whatsap app, and started talking to people again, which is odd, because all these tools do the same thing. Why do things need to change? Queue instagram, snapchat, foursquare, Path, Pinterest and all the others.

Why can’t people ring me or just knock on the door, or better yet, we could make plans and stick to them.
Anyway aside from me ranting, the point is this, even up until about 10 years ago we were more active, we didn’t have to sync anything with our phones, emails or remember any passwords, we just had to get up and see what happened. Digital has taken over.

Sure digital is part of our everyday life, and we can all do some good with it. but I do feel better when I’m away from a screen. Maybe just for a day of the week we should do what our Grandpa’s did!