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Content Marketing – One Hit Wonder!

Unlikely Contender

A few years ago I remember being shown a bunch of video’s from Tipp ex. Yes the correction fluid that stinks.

It was a viral video called A hunter shoots a bear.”  Basically you it would lead you too a certain point in a story and you would get to finish the story on your own, it was one of the best pieces of content marketing I’ve seen, and was really ahead of it’s time.

It’s had over 46 million views, and I would go as far as saying it was ground breaking. I can’t find the original but luckily somebody screenshot the footage here:


This is what it achieved:

  • Sales in 2011 versus 2010 : +35%.
  • In 100 days:The Tipp-ex YouTube channel saw well over +35.5 million views.
  • Average brand exposure for Tipp Ex in that 100 day period was 5 minutes.
  • The tipp experience was viewed in 217 countries.
  • Tweets: 220,000.likes and comments on Facebook: +1 million.
  • Coverage in over 60,000 online articles..

I’m on a quest to find better content marketing examples than this, so if you see any, submit them on my contact page!

Rounding off the week: link removals, re directs and getting customers to use the website!

After a few months of contacting web masters to try and get bad links removed (more on this later) I have finally made some progress.

This is a really tough time. if you are going to undertake a link removal initiative, consider this:  Lots of these “directories” or people who look after them will feel they are caught in the headlights when you contact them asking them to remove all links for the time being.

They probably don’t want to call their boss and tell them about the requests through fear of opening a can of worms. After all you are complaining in a sense, that they are a crap website, or that they have irrelevant web links on your site.  YOU WILL GET IGNORED by some of them, anyway it is crucial that you go through this process, in order get a few of them taken down. Some will even say “I own a lot of websites, and have a lot of publishers, its impossible for me to identify where this link to your site is.” Some will avoid all responsibility, which is unfair. Luckily there are a couple of tools which help you and save you from the heartache.

I can review each of these in their own right at a later date, but do check them out for your self for the time being. Any this is still ongoing but I have done a lot of the legwork with this, so it felt like a huge weight especially after contacting lists of people based on links to the site in the web master tools.

Its been an uphill struggle this week getting any SEO done,  especially as I’m getting more and more pulled into sales side of the business due to staff shortages. Which, might I had has probably improved traffic in its own right, as everyone I have spoken to has been directed to the website and shown how to use it properly and found what they are looking for! I’ve also figured that if you use your ESP to share your emails  to facebook/twitter/linked in you can use this as a email archive. Woo hoo. I may have also cracked twitter, by getting followers I’ve had real life conversations with.

This is old fashioned front line marketing – speaking to people. Who’d of thought it works?

The other thing that happened was that I got about 12 domains, to point to the right place with a Cname, at first I overlooked www & http:// but I got there in the end, and this meant that I have probably gotten over the duplicate content issue.

Next step – getting rid of the duplicate titles and descriptions, that are built in to the CMS. yeah a CMS that harms my SEO, that’s brilliant! How would you know though, I wont, because the gods (Google) wont tell you if you have an automatic penalty, you just wont get any traffic, but still its better to be safe than sorry I suppose.

I also had the realisation the other day that the kids in secondary school are learning programming, web design and Adobe CS4 and photography. Is this the end of the graphic designer, digital executive?  Only time will tell.

Not sure what’s on the horizon for us digital folk but I’ve had a decent week!


Optimisation v Optimism

SEO and other animals

Over the years, there have been umpteen articles on SEO, Penguins, Spiders, Bigger penguins, panda’s and all sorts of other creatures I’m not going to go on about here.

Does it mean anything? Is it relevant? What if the internet’s down, this all means jack shit.

While it’s true that a well optimised site exposes your business to the masses.  Should so much emphasis be put on meta tags, page titles, keywords alt tagging, XML site maps and a list of all these other search engine related things that a lot of people don’t get. If you are one of these people that doesn’t get it, or are just late to the party, fear not. You should read this SEO in a nutshell post by David Robinson. I’ll also embed this video for those of you that care.

Imagine if there was no internet

Now that you know what SEO is, think about the question.

Imagine the internet goes down for a week, day, month. What do you do then?

Do you have any non digital marketing collateral? No? Now what would you do? Hopefully if you have Youtube videos there are DVD’s, if you have stories, testimonials, case studies or any of the other recommendation any digital agency will tell you to have, you should have these backed up with hard copies.

You should have something else

Yes, SEO is a vital part of the marketing mix, but it’s not the be all and end all, if the internet ceased working tomorrow, you are going to have to start prospecting, direct mail, all the other old school stuff that seems irrelevant now. It’s not irrelevant, it’s just evolved.

I am not saying the net will go out of date, but if you have good content it wont matter what format it is.

Not content marketing..content

SEO has to be part of your game plan, but the content is what matters, I’m not even talking about content marketing, Consider the value it provides. You could have the best optimised shit website in history, but it’s still a shit website.

Follow the rules and trends but make sure it means something to audiences, putting SEO above content is is more optimism than optimisation.