I’ts not you, It’s them (and their social anxiety)

The voyeurs, the devoted, the credibles’ and the needy. They are engaging with your social network activity, they just don’t like social displays of affection.

So you start a Facebook fan page, a LinkedIn and a Twitter page to communicate with customers.  You have all these ideas, you plan out your content to the letter, with timescales. It’s going to go viral.  A month later you haven’t quite hit the 30 likes for feedback from Facebook stats. Panic sets in. The only way to get Twitter followers is by reciprocal follows, and you think this just isn’t working out. Panic sets in again…but wait… Hold on!

How do you know people aren’t seeing your social networking campaigns?

Ever been to a party and had somebody talk to you about something you posted on Facebook? This person didn’t like it or comment, but they mentioned it to you – this is probably happening with your social networks for business too.

Take a look at this image – it’s the bottom of the heat map of an e-mail report. It’s where links to social networks go. As you can see, people are clicking on this:


Did they convert to followers or liker’s?  No.

So what is the point of this?

Check your web analytics on a day an email campaign goes out and there are more referrals from social than on a normal day – these people click the content links in your social networks.


But they wont like or follow your pages. Congratulations, you are their guilty secret.

How do you that its not your followers? The location, visitor type?  Using reporting in the Email Service Provider –  you can narrow down who it might of been by cross referencing clickers with followers.  There are lots of ways to rule things out with analytic’s packages and email reporting and social for deductive reasoning. I call it Investigative Marketing. 

So why aren’t they making that Social Display of Affection? This is because there are types of social networker.

4 types of social networker

Coming from the angle of the SME. This has been narrowed down to 4 categories of social networker.

  1. The Voyeurs – Like nothing, Say nothing, Click everything.  A stalker if you like and probably your competition!
  2. The Devoted – Likes, Re-tweets, follows and shares . Commits 100%, doesn’t evaluate what others are doing – just acts. Not necessarily a customer, but a content freak.
  3. The Credible – Is interested in your content,  clicks but doesn’t follow, checks that you have enough credible followers and will only admit they like your content then.  Takes a couple of these to make the commitment then the rest follow.  It is “social” networking after all. They want you to be fashionable.
  4. The Needy – People after reciprocal follow’s. “I’ll like you, if you like me back.” Not usually relevant to your business and often trying to offer you a service.

To summarize, stick with your social networking endeavors and continue creating and sharing that content. People are seeing and engaging with it. Just like the crush they had in school, they weren’t ready to admit that your content and your brand means something to them.

What is the point of Facebook?

I get frustrated sometimes just like everybody else with lack of followers or traffic, whatever.  So I type “What is the point of Facebook?” into Google.  The first two post are of sceptical bloggers. How is that going to help? Sometimes Google should really do something about negativity in the algorithm.

The first one from the confidence cafe lady having a rant in 2011. Then from the skinny artist one, who, I’ll add, sounds like a lot of people when they first approach social networking as a marketer. Welcome to our world.  The latter has loads of Facebook fans by the way. Wonder what they think now?

Anyway, the point of Facebook?

What’s the point in anything, why have I got a blog? Why are you reading this post?

Depends where you are coming from, if you’ve been to university, moved countries and been around a while and gathered a lot of contacts then it’s a great tool for keeping up to date with all these people personally.   Sure there are other ways to connect and if you really wanted to stay in touch you would. But nobody wants people to know you are not really that interested. Do they? that’s why we follow people.

Obviously I don’t need to list all the features of Facebook on here, do I?  But from that point of view, if you don’t like  baby posts, weddings, marathons (showing my age here) or what I had for dinner posts then switch it off.

Marketing with Facebook.

From a marketing point of view, you can send your offer or promotion to all your followers, all in one place, and just because your audience is small doesn’t mean your offering isn’t being seen by other people. I previously wrote about social networking anxiety in it’s not you its them.  Besides you can automate social networking a lot of it and take out the pain.

Sure it’s a head ache growing a following, a fan base, having more channels to communicate with. Not to mention frequency, after all, one post to all your followers will never be enough, it’s like firing arrows into the dark. You have to post the same post multiple times for maximum exposure. That’s another story.

Do I have to do Facebook?

No of course you don’t, you don’t have to do any social network if you don’t want to. Find and stick with one that works for you. But if you have a site of content and of value, whether that’s music, art, writing or awesome opinions, people will find it eventually, if they want it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again quit worrying about your credibility on social networks and focus on the primary objective, whatever that was in the first place. Why? because cream always rises to the top.

As for the point of Facebook. I could go on and list loads of features advantages and benefits, but what’s the point? It means different things to different people.

What does it mean to you?