Internet Marketing

All innovation is plagiarism – Don’t think you’re the first

Whatever content you are about to produce – Its been done before.

That idea you want to blog about has already been done, search for it in Google. It’s there.  Sure you can re-package it, rename it or make into some slides or info-graphics but it’s been done. Even the title of this post is a rip off from somebody else.

The article you want to write about for that SME you work for, it was done last week, there are hundreds of them. Its not new, sure its new to you, and your boss, but its not new. It might have been reproduced from print or other formats but its not new. It’s not exclusive either.

Content Marketing isn’t new.

Content marketing has been around for ages, look at Coca Cola, there whole website is content marketing, stuff they’ve been doing for years. they have whole teams that create for them.

People have been posting testimonials, rubbish videos and case studies for years, it’s all been done before. The technical article you’re thinking about getting published isn’t ground breaking. It will be somewhere, the person who wrote it just wasn’t as good as you. You might not know you are paraphrasing or taking part in plagiarism but you probably are. It doesn’t matter.

Don’t think you’re the first

Don’t make this mistake.  Your not ground breaking, your digitally remastering.  People have tried what you are doing before, years ago when they created a magazine, when they sent out a flyer.  They gave up.  They moved on. To the next thing. Which is what you are doing now.

Keep innovating, use the resources available to you, that’s what content marketing is, keeping a conversation, idea or a concept going.  It doesn’t matter if your customer saw it somewhere else, they’ll see it again next year in new ways, 100 different ways.

Keep the ideas flowing, keep your creative juices going, don’t give up because it’s not an original idea, original ideas can be improved, just make sure they are innovative and create value.

And you’ll be fine.

What is the point of Facebook?

I get frustrated sometimes just like everybody else with lack of followers or traffic, whatever.  So I type “What is the point of Facebook?” into Google.  The first two post are of sceptical bloggers. How is that going to help? Sometimes Google should really do something about negativity in the algorithm.

The first one from the confidence cafe lady having a rant in 2011. Then from the skinny artist one, who, I’ll add, sounds like a lot of people when they first approach social networking as a marketer. Welcome to our world.  The latter has loads of Facebook fans by the way. Wonder what they think now?

Anyway, the point of Facebook?

What’s the point in anything, why have I got a blog? Why are you reading this post?

Depends where you are coming from, if you’ve been to university, moved countries and been around a while and gathered a lot of contacts then it’s a great tool for keeping up to date with all these people personally.   Sure there are other ways to connect and if you really wanted to stay in touch you would. But nobody wants people to know you are not really that interested. Do they? that’s why we follow people.

Obviously I don’t need to list all the features of Facebook on here, do I?  But from that point of view, if you don’t like  baby posts, weddings, marathons (showing my age here) or what I had for dinner posts then switch it off.

Marketing with Facebook.

From a marketing point of view, you can send your offer or promotion to all your followers, all in one place, and just because your audience is small doesn’t mean your offering isn’t being seen by other people. I previously wrote about social networking anxiety in it’s not you its them.  Besides you can automate social networking a lot of it and take out the pain.

Sure it’s a head ache growing a following, a fan base, having more channels to communicate with. Not to mention frequency, after all, one post to all your followers will never be enough, it’s like firing arrows into the dark. You have to post the same post multiple times for maximum exposure. That’s another story.

Do I have to do Facebook?

No of course you don’t, you don’t have to do any social network if you don’t want to. Find and stick with one that works for you. But if you have a site of content and of value, whether that’s music, art, writing or awesome opinions, people will find it eventually, if they want it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again quit worrying about your credibility on social networks and focus on the primary objective, whatever that was in the first place. Why? because cream always rises to the top.

As for the point of Facebook. I could go on and list loads of features advantages and benefits, but what’s the point? It means different things to different people.

What does it mean to you?

Digital Marketing will always be a side show to a relationship.

I can’t blog about digital marketing forever

I started this blog to try and become one of those experts who posts on twitter or something and gets 10,000 new followers instantly, I wanted to be credible. I did want to help people too, but that’s besides the point.  I have had to change my perceptions of digital marketing, social networking lately, because its just the tip of the iceberg.

Thoughts have changed, opinions have changed, everything is about to change.

Anybody can find advice and guides on digital marketing, I’ve demonstrated that here, we also see a lot of shit content, and a lot more websites popping up.  These websites will never get updated, twitter accounts will pop up, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and all the new initiatives that get created.

Where is my strategy?

All those people who don’t have websites/social networking… What they going to do? Get a website, update it once.  They will pay an agency through the nose, have static website that doesn’t evolve,  they might blog once or twice and call it content marketing, but none of this is ever going to be as proactive as talking to people. This is real issue for small business, especially those within ageing industries.  I’ve learned from B2B marketing, that digital marketing will always be a side show to an actual relationship with a customer, or person. Especially when sales are involved.  Digital Marketing is sticking around, but it has to change.

Why the future will make you unique.

Coding will soon be taught in schools, social networking is part of life for a lot of people, they can do this as part of a job role pretty easily, with very little help.  Digital Marketing will be embedded into everybody at some point, it won’t really be a skill.  What will make you stand out in the end is imaginative, thought provoking campaigns with well written copy, engaging copy and being unique.

This isn’t an obituary for digital marketing,  but things are going to have to be different, because there is glut of digital marketing “content” out there. The future will see you being innovative and providing value to your customers. You can’t just turn up, you’ve got to be in it to win it.