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How to schedule a tweet with Hootsuite.

How to schedule a tweet with Hootsuite. With images

For anybody who has never done it before, follow this very concise guide with visuals.

Log in to Obviously, sign in with twitter is the easiest way or it starts to get fiddly after that.

Sign In

Sign in

Sign in with Twitter, click “authorise app” if you are logged in. If not fill out the credentials


Authorise Twitter

If you don’t already have streams then all you will see if the compose new Tweet box, get typing.



If you want to add in a link then type it in the box. Click shrink button, you cant miss it. Your link appears next to your tweet shortened into an Owly.

Shrink a link

Shrink and Link

Click calendar function and either allow Hootsuite to auto schedule for you, set the time and date, I prefer to use the auto scheduler. Or you could hit send now.



See your tweet

See your tweet

See your tweet

There are other tools available for you to do this, but I personally think this is the best one for newbies. The same process can be followed for as many social networks as you have in your streams. I would say Hootsuite is the most user friendly.

What is the point of Facebook?

I get frustrated sometimes just like everybody else with lack of followers or traffic, whatever.  So I type “What is the point of Facebook?” into Google.  The first two post are of sceptical bloggers. How is that going to help? Sometimes Google should really do something about negativity in the algorithm.

The first one from the confidence cafe lady having a rant in 2011. Then from the skinny artist one, who, I’ll add, sounds like a lot of people when they first approach social networking as a marketer. Welcome to our world.  The latter has loads of Facebook fans by the way. Wonder what they think now?

Anyway, the point of Facebook?

What’s the point in anything, why have I got a blog? Why are you reading this post?

Depends where you are coming from, if you’ve been to university, moved countries and been around a while and gathered a lot of contacts then it’s a great tool for keeping up to date with all these people personally.   Sure there are other ways to connect and if you really wanted to stay in touch you would. But nobody wants people to know you are not really that interested. Do they? that’s why we follow people.

Obviously I don’t need to list all the features of Facebook on here, do I?  But from that point of view, if you don’t like  baby posts, weddings, marathons (showing my age here) or what I had for dinner posts then switch it off.

Marketing with Facebook.

From a marketing point of view, you can send your offer or promotion to all your followers, all in one place, and just because your audience is small doesn’t mean your offering isn’t being seen by other people. I previously wrote about social networking anxiety in it’s not you its them.  Besides you can automate social networking a lot of it and take out the pain.

Sure it’s a head ache growing a following, a fan base, having more channels to communicate with. Not to mention frequency, after all, one post to all your followers will never be enough, it’s like firing arrows into the dark. You have to post the same post multiple times for maximum exposure. That’s another story.

Do I have to do Facebook?

No of course you don’t, you don’t have to do any social network if you don’t want to. Find and stick with one that works for you. But if you have a site of content and of value, whether that’s music, art, writing or awesome opinions, people will find it eventually, if they want it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again quit worrying about your credibility on social networks and focus on the primary objective, whatever that was in the first place. Why? because cream always rises to the top.

As for the point of Facebook. I could go on and list loads of features advantages and benefits, but what’s the point? It means different things to different people.

What does it mean to you?

Realising the value of digital effort.

Okay we’re not saving endangered species but we are doing something meaningful

In the last few months I have had people say to me:

  • “I have work to do, I don’t sit around on the internet all day”
  • “I wish I had a job where I can just look at pictures”
  • “Oh look he’s “playing” again”
  • “Can you make this”
  • “is that even a job”

When I talk to people who don’t work in digital about what I do, they look at me blankly. Often I find myself dumbing it down and saying “I work in advertising and pr” or I” work in IT!” while there is some truth in both of these it doesn’t even scratch the surface. There is tonnes of work involved in being a digital professional from generating leads, managing budgets, planning, strategy, content planning, driving the business forward this is all quite high level stuff.  It can be hard at times.

Yeah a lot of this comes after you’ve pushed paper around a desk and “played” with some images for a website and made animations for MPU’s, banners and skyscrapers, not to mention artwork that is involved in email marketing. This is all people see though, the creative bits, the bits that look “fun.”

What they don’t see

They don’t see you agonising over keywords, learning about different industries, because nobody can be bothered to provide copy. They don’t see you evaluate how well l you performed in Google this week and how that related to sales. They don’t see you batting off suggestions like TV ad’s or billboards. Plus everyone’s a critic “put new products on a website” or “put banners here, advertise there” based on nothing, they don’t know you researched how much reach that magazine has already.

They don’t see you go through a list of emails addresses and making it meaningful. They don’t see you battling against non digital people saying that “playing with computers doesn’t get business in” yet the enquiries stop when you don’t “spam the list of customers” and when you pause ad words campaigns and the phone calls decline.

Realising the Value

Our work is meaningful.  Sure there are little things we do that don’t have impact on their own, but they make up a lot of the digital marketing pie. For some us we do it on our own, for other there is whole team doing digital stuff. In an earlier post I highlighted how PPC impacts other areas of a business. This is important to remember because everything impacts something.

If you can get everybody to buy into it and see the value, that’s when the magic happens.